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Serves You Right was created by tennis coaches, Gary Innes and Arlen Domoney.


At the core of our mission is to create an unforgettable tennis experiences for all participants in our programs. We cater to those that are passionate about learning and improving their tennis skills and do not put a limitation on their potential.


We currently run 4 annual tennis retreats that provide an in depth learning experience that will help you improve all areas of your game. We cover all on court situations for singles and doubles players, (baseline, approaching, net, serve and return) strategy and positioning as well as physical and mental coaching to help unlock your full potential. 

We realize that tennis is so much then a game to so many people and to us tennis is:

  • A tool to improve fitness and heath

  • A platform for friendships and social interaction

  • A way to improve confidence, public speaking and leadership skills

  • A way to earn a higher education

  • A way to challenge yourself to learn a new skill set

There are so many other great benefits that tennis offers and we try to bring these elements into play whenever we step on the court.

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